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Ricochet (R. Paul Wilson) -- gaffed Reset w/ kickback

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I remember first learning Paul Harris' great routine, Reset, back in the 1970's.  Such a great routine, and of course, it inspired many, many, many, many (repeat many about 20 times, and then continue reading) variations.   

R. Paul Wilson decided he would go full scale gaffus on his version and if you do not mind working with a packet of gaffed cards, this version of Reset (called Ricochet) will blow your audience away.  

You remove the four aces and four kings from your deck, and after showing the four kings and putting them on the table in a facedown packet, you show the four aces. One by one, they change to Kings, almost visibly if you do the 2nd (sleight of hand) handling.   (Or they change one at a time when covered with a handkerchief if you do the 1st (non-sleight) handling.     When all four kings are in your right hand, your left hand reaches and picks up the tabled packet -- the spectators assume they will see Aces, but like a Ricochet, the table cards are now Kings again, and instantly, you have four aces in your right hand.     Was it all an illusion?   Yes, and a darned good one, too!

The Ace of Spades design on these cards is slightly larger than the Ace of Spades that I have in all my Bicycle decks.  Not sure why, but then, I do not keep up on all the myriad decks now available from USPCC.   (see photo).    But I have used my own Ricochet set hundreds of times, and at the end, when I do the simple switch out of the gaffed Aces for regular Aces, I have never had a lay person notice the pip on the Ace of Spades has changed slightly.  They are too flabbergasted by the visual changes and Ricochet ending.  So I would say, don't worry about it if you use the standard kind of Bicycle cards I use.   

You can use these gaffs with red or blue backed deck, makes no difference.


This set of cards and instruction booklet are very hard to find now.  But I came across one among a large lot of estate magic.  It appears to be unused, and the cards and booklet are like new


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