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Dragon Fanning deck --nice quality, long thin cards

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Save: $2.00
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This is a very nice quality fanning deck with a number of interesting features built into it that enhance the possibilities beyond the usual fanning deck displays.

The deck is longer than a normal deck -- cards are bridge-size width, but about 25% longer, so the fans automatically look larger and more impressive. 

 It is a complete deck of 52 cards, plus two joker cards and two blank facers.    But the cards are thinner and more flexible than regular cards, so the entire 56 card deck is about 25% thinner than a regular deck.  This makes pressure fans, backpalming and split fans much easier.

The card faces are specially printed so that you can show a full deck fan of card indices, but later fan the cards to show the appearance of a Dragon across the faces of all the cards.  And of course, using the blank facers, you can show an all-blank fan as well.

The backs are printed with the more-or-less "standard" color design that allows for quick and impressive color change fans.

Cards are pre treated with fanning powder and handle smoothly and easily -- assuming you have some skill and talent for exhibition card fans.  But even if you do not, like the ham handed guy holding the deck in the photos (me!), you can do a quick impressive display with this deck, simply by ribbon spreading it on a long close-up mat:   spread the deck faceup, showing all the card value indices, flip over the ribbon spread showing mostly blue backs, thenspread it again facedown, the backs appear to change to yellow, and then flip the ribbon spread over to show the dragon!

Deck comes with no instructions, but is easily understood after looking at the printing and design.

A great bargain and very different.

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