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Pocket Spirit Slates (wood, circa 1995)

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This is a set of wooden spirit slates, circa mid-1990's, made in a handy Poker-card size.   The slate part (inside the brown frame) is slightly larger than a poker size card.

You probably know the effect of the classic Spirit Slates, since they have been around for well over 150 years.    Messages appear on them, revealing important things from the spirit what playing card was selected.  Of course, they can be used for any message you want, and do not need to be used in conjunction with playing cards. 

But that said, the set comes with extra "slate material", which can be put onto the back (or face) of a Poker sized card, which opens up a number of interesting possibilities for car appearances, ditching the slate gimmick onto a card deck. etc.  You also get a couple of extra gimmicks, including one that allows for the spectators initials to be written on the slate before the writing appears on the initialled side,

If you have Tarbell volume 4 (and you should!), you can look up the chapter on slate magic.   Many of the routines in Tarbell that used envelopes in conjunction with the slates are much more practical when using a smaller set of slates like these.   Or if you have Tarbell 7 (and you should), these small slates are perfect for Orville Meyer's excellent Symbol Transposition effect.

A few "caveats" about these slates:    I wish the wood frames had not been laquered/painted brown.  Would have been so much nicer in plain woodgrain.  But still not bad.   And the "slate" gimmick has a different texture than the ungimmicked surface of the slate -- you can see this in the photo.  It is more obvious under the photographic flash, and I have never had a spectator call this out when performing with my own set.  But there is a difference in texture.

A very hard to find item from 25+ years ago.  Very collectible and also very performable.    From new-old dealer inventory, so never previously owned or used.  Complete with booklet of routines.   (But check your Tarbell for more).

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