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Instant Locator Deck (Bicycle, Blue) -- with TMGS routine

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When I finally gave this specialized deck a try, I had to kick myself for not starting to use one of these sooner.   I call the deck an Instant Locator deck, because that describes it perfectly.  This type of deck is usually sold with no instructions, and these custom made decks also had no instructions -- but have no fear, as I have written up some handling tips, plus my favorite routine using the deck.  And you get those instructions when you buy the deck here.

Here's that favorite routine of mine:  

after doing a few other card tricks with the deck, I perform a packet four ace routine like Twisting the Aces or Daley's Last Trick.  That leaves the four aces out and on the table.  Hand the deck to the spectator, and have her shuffle it.  Then have her stick the four aces into four separate parts of the deck, and again she cuts and shuffles.  You take back the deck, cut it into four piles, and turn each pile faceup.   There is an Ace on the face of each pile.    Next place the four aces on the table faceup, and have the spectator freely choose a card.  She puts the card back into the pack, and you let her shuffle.  She hands you back the deck.  You place the four aces faceup on top of the facedown deck, and cut the Aces into the middle of the deck.   Ribbon spread the deck and there's one facedown card in the middle of the four faceup aces.  It is her card.

No duplicates -- the deck is a 52 card deck, and the spectator genuinely shuffles the deck -- the Aces and the chosen card are truly mixed into the deck.  But thanks to the special custom gaffing of the deck, you can instantly locate the cards.  (Hence the name Instant Locator deck)    Lay audiences are amazed, and if you do this one for other magicians, they will have no idea how you can find the cards so fast in a truly shuffled deck.

This is a corner short deck, custom machine cut, so that every card matches perfectly -- not individually rough-cut by some guy with a pair of nail clippers.  :-)        

Made with authentic USPCC Bicycle cards.     Blue backed  

New and unused, with exclusive TMGS instructions for the routine above, as well as some other tips.

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