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JENSEN, The Rising Card Book (1998 1st ed.)

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THE RISING CARD BOOK (Jon Jensen, 1998 1st ed.) --

Let's face it -- lay audiences like when inanimate objects become animate objects.    

So when a playing card (a common inanimate object) begins to rise up out of a deck, lay audiences take notice.  Hence the reason that the Rising Card is one of magic's classic effects, and has spawned thousands of variations and methods.

Well, here are twelve more.  And there are some really good ones among these twelve.   Jon Jensen and his magical pals have shared their own takes on the Rising Card.

The first five or six do not use that secret thing that most typical card rises use to create the magical animation.  I particularly like the second item in the book, where a card is selected from a deck (could be borrowed) and after a mix, the deck is put into a wine glass (also could be borrowed), and the magician folds a napkin (also could be borrowed) into a long rectangle, about a foot long.  Holding the napkin rectangle with a hand at each end, the magi lowers it in front of the deck, and then as he brings it up again, the chosen card rises from the deck.  Hands are each 5-6 inches from the deck.  Good stuff.  (Worth the price of the book as dealers love to say)

But there is more good stuff, too, so you get more than the price of the book!

The middle 3-4 items do use that typical secret thing that many card rises use, but there is some clear and original thinking applied.   And then the book closes with a couple more non-traditional methods

Most of the methods use a regular unmodified deck, which is another plus.

Not an easy book to find any more.   But a good one to get when you do find it.  And you have...  so what are you waiting for?

CONDITION:   New (from ex-dealer inventory), not previously owned.    A few minor scuffs on the white glossy cover.  Pages are clean and intact.

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