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The Exchange Deck w/ DVD (RED)-- built-in card switcher

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About 25 years ago, there was a neat card switching device from JB Magic called Switcheroo.  That device allowed you to place a card or packet of cards in your breast pocket, and apparently the cards rested there, never leaving sight of the audience.  And yet the card or packet had been imperceptibly switched for another.

Switcheroo is a great gimmick, but did have the draw back that you needed to be wearing a shirt with a breast pocket, and it did use up that pocket "real estate".

Fast forward about 10 years to 2004, and a clever magician named David Goring gave us THE EXCHANGE.  Like Switcheroo, The Exchange allows the magician to switch a card or cards quickly and with almost no cover.  And the device is built right into the deck of cards itself!

It looks like this:   four cards are randomly chosen from the deck, and seen to be just that -- random indifferent cards.   The packet of four cards is inserted cleanly into the front of the deck, leaving them extended halfway.  The cards have never left the audience's view during this process.  (In fact, the spectator can insert the packet of cards herself).   The left hand holding the deck with cards extended, the right hand comes over and spreads/fans the extended card packet, showing just four and only four cards.  A snap of the fingers or other magical moment, and the spectator can remove the four cards to find they are now ACES!

When switching a single card (that does not require spreading out), the DVD also includes a few very simple and effective "larger covers the smaller" movements to make the switch of a single card invisible.

Tomas Medina teaches the in's and out's of using The Exchange on the accompanying DVD.   He teaches about 10 different effects, and also covers tips and maintenance of the prop.   

Among my favorite effects on the DVD:   a neat restoration of a chosen card that has been hole-punched a bunch of times.   A blank business card is stapled to a chosen card, and the business card is magically printed while stapled to the card.   A very clean version of the Grasshopper effect, where a selection vanishes from between two black jacks, and reappears sandwiched between the two red jacks.  And a particularly clever effect where the spectator names a number between 10 and 20, and the four Kings are placed extended from the deck and fanned.  When the four Kings are removed from the deck, they have changed into four number cards that add up to the spectators freely named number!

I find that The exchange is easier to use when switching packets, rather than single cards.  But it is not difficult to do either -- it just takes a bit more practice to get the touch and feel with a single card. 

With thoughtful routining, you can perform many of your favorite "regular deck" card effects with The Exchange deck, as the gimmick does not take up the entire deck.    So you can have The Exchange ready to deploy after doing some other effects that do not use it.     

The Exchange deck and DVD are not easy to find anymore.  But I came across a couple, so some lucky TMGS customer can add this handy deck to your arsenal.    

Brand new, with RED Bicycle Rider Deck and DVD instructions   

(if you prefer BLUE backed, check my other listings, as I have one for sale in Blue also)

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