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Jacks in the Box (Aldo Colombini / Roy Walton)

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Roy Walton added a great kicker to the classic Oil and Water plot when he published "Oil and Queens" -- after the separations of the black and red spot cards, the red spot cards surprisingly changed into four queens.  Obvious finale to the effect, and audience applause cue -- just what was needed for the Oil and Water effect (which is repetitive in its nature).

Aldo Colombini took Walton's effect and changed the Queens finish to some cute Jack in the Box cards.  These appeared logically because of the context Colombini set up for the routine.

It looks like this:  magi shows eight cards, by counting them faceup -- there are four black tens (10C) and four red jacks (JD).   The red and black cards are seen to be alternating in the packet (red, black, red, black, etc)   The faceup packet is turned facedown, and the top four cards are placed aside in the card box.   The faces of the remaining four cards are shown again, and seen to be alternating red, black, red, black.    The packet is touched to the card case (nothing funny here -- just creating the magical moment), and then when the four cards are shown again, they are the four black Tens.  "So what do you think is in the box?"   You spectator says "The Jacks".   Cleanly you open the box and remove the four cards from inside (or you can even let your spectator do this), and turn to reveal the Jack in the Box graphic on all four cards.  "That's right, they are jacks in the box!  Or is that jack in the boxes? "

Yes, you might think it is a bit too cute, but in my experience, when regular cards change into specially printed cards, this is a particularly memorable thing for lay audiences.  The extra surprise of the cards being printed in a completely different way has strong impact on lay people.   So nothing wrong with "cute", in my opinion  :-)

One caveat:  the DVD instructions begin with a dumb "mini movie" of magic store employees doing silly things they think are funny.  (They aren't).   When the DVD finally begins teaching the trick, the explanation is clear, but the guy's demonstration of the moves is pretty clunky.  Make sure you practice the moves a bit more than he has.     (Nothing difficult in this routine, if you are familiar with standard packet effect sleights.)

Usually sells for $20 but get it here for less....

Brand new, with instructions. 


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