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Fixed Fate (Cameron Francis) -- number & card prediction

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I have found that I can count on Cameron Francis to consistently give me strong and practical magic.  Fixed Fate is just that.  A strong double prediction, and an easy, no sleight, easy reset, practical method.

You show a folded prediction, and entrust a spectator to guard it.  A blue deck of cards is cut by the spectator and turned faceup.  You ask the spectator for a number "not too high - not too low" between 5 and 20.  She says, for example "15".    You deal cards from the faceup deck onto the table, counting each card and turning it facedown to show a blue back.   At fifteen, you stop and draw attention to this current facecard of the deck.  "At your chosen number, we find the 6 of Hearts".  You show cards they would have got if they had chosen a higher number, and put the 6H faceup on the table.  You remind them that lower numbers would have landed on the previously dealt cards, and these are all turned facedown on the table.  Throughout, all the cards are seen to have blue backs.   You now have the prediction read:  "You will stop at that card, at that number!"  The spectators think it has all been a gag, but you add, "No, really!  Look!"   The 6H on the table (which has not been touched by the performer since it was set there) is cleanly turned facedown to show that it has a RED back, and the number "15" is written on the back.

The dealer boiler plate (truthfully) states:  no sticky stuff, no rough/smooth, no gimmicked cards, no mathematical/memory gymnastics, no forces, not always the same number or card.   (I notice that the DVD case also uses "15" in its example... the number is freely chosen; it is NOT always 15!)

This method is diabolical -- simple after you know it, but for those not in the know (your audience), it creates an impossible prediction.

Comes complete with the Blue Bicycle deck and other cards you need.  You have to write the numbers on the back the of the cards yourself, so you will need a Sharpie.

  Brand new with instructions

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