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LYONS, Ibidem volume 2 (2001, 1st edition)

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IBIDEM volume 2, by Howard P. Lyons    -- published in 2001, by Hermetic Press.  FIRST EDITION, mint condition.  New, unused condition, hard cover with jacket, tight clean and unmarked.

Richard Kaufman got the ball rolling, negotiating with Howard Lyon's widow, and securing rights to re-publish Ibidem in its entirety, in a hardcover three volume set.  For some reason (which I do not know), Kaufman's company only published Volume One, and Stephen Minch's Hermetic Press took over to publish the remaining two volumes.  

This is volume 2 of the three-volume, hard cover compilation of Howard P. Lyons' groundbreaking card and close-up magazine from the late 1950's and 1960's.    This volume is about 343 pages, running from page 321 to 665 of the three-volume pagination.     It contains reprints of Ibidem issues #17 (July 1959) through #28 (April 1963).

Where to begin in describing this...  there is so much innovative and exploratory thinking in these pages -- Ibidem really set the stage for a more "scientific" approach, where boundaries were pushed by exploring multiple methods for effects, creating variations on the work of other magicians, documenting ideas and methods into an ongoing historical record and context, etc

For me, some of the highlights:   lots of Marlo stuff, including a couple of All-Marlo issues, and his Double Brainwave.   Issue #28 with Ravelli's work on Delayed Set-up, and in issue #20, there is the complete re-print of the final issue of Rusduck's "Cardiste".   (Actually, not a re-print, because this final issue of Cardiste was never published, due to Rusduck's passing.)     And of course, the full color re-prints of Pat Patterson's amazing cover art.  

Also, you will find lots of stuff from Stewart James, Neil Elias, Lin Searles, Tom Ransom, Martin Gardner and...   Heck, just check out the photo of just two pages from the nine page table of contents photos for an idea of what is in this important volume.   

CONDITION NOTES:   FIRST EDITION, mint condition.  New, unused condition, hard cover with jacket, tight clean and unmarked.

USA addresses:  I will ship MEDIA to save you money on postage, but if you wish to pay more for priority mail, let me know and I can arrange. 

Non-USA addresses:  sorry, this book when packed for shipment is over four pounds, so shipping to your country is expensive -- really expensive.  The checkout will probably not charge you enough, so please email me first so I can give you an accurate shipping rate -- it will probably be about $65 to ship outside the USA.    But it is a great book, and if you do not have it in your library, it is worth it  :-)

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