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SOLID GOLD EASY ACTION (Ben Harris 1987 1st ed.)

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SOLID GOLD EASY ACTION by Ben Harris   16 (unnumbered) pages

FIRST edition 1987  -- includes the tipped in sample props (in envelope taped inside cover)

Like many very innovative methods, Solid Gold Easy Action (or SGEA) is a very bold method.  Because of this, many magicians passed on it, without ever trying it. 

But those who took the time to study what Harris had created, to make up the necessary gimmick (you can make it to match your favorite brand of cards), and to practice the routine, then actually try it out on audiences... well, those lucky (and smart) magicians discovered that SGEA was a super strong card to impossible location.

In a nutshell, a signed card appears in a sealed signed coin envelope.   But the method is so far out-of-the-box that you will think it is sort of nuts when you first read it.  

It is at that point you will have to decide if you are in the group of magicians who passed on SGEA, or the other group who worked with it and discovered something all the other magicians weren't doing.

Note:  the last photo shows a testimonial page from the 3rd edition of this book.  This first edition does not have that testimonial page, because those magicians had yet to learn how strong this effect is!  But I included a photo of the testimonials from the 3rd edition so you would know I am not alone in my praise for this effect and method.


CONDITION NOTES:  previously owned, but in excellent condition -- all pages are tight and clean and unmarked, no tears or folds/dog-ears.   Sticker residue on edge of covers from the sticker used to keep the booklet sealed.  Old penciled dealer price on upper corner of front cover.   ORIGINAL SAMPLE PROPS INCLUDED.

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