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Color Monte -- Emerson & West circa 1985 (Aviator back)

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I'm a huge fan of the Emerson & West packet tricks.  As a young magician in the late 1970's and early 1980's, these packet tricks (along with those of Trost and Goldstein) literally taught me how to do card magic.  They forced me to learn necessary sleights, yes, but they also made it easy and convenient for me to always carry a couple of tricks in my pocket, so I gained confidence as a performer by taking out my little vinyl packet wallet and showing some strong magic whenever someone said "Do a Trick!"

Of course, any packet-eer worth his Elmsley owned Jim Temple's Color Monte.  The trick was the #1 best-seller in the Emerson & West packet line -- I read somewhere that they sold 500,000 of this trick!  Because of its popularity, it was re-made by E&W a number of times -- over the years, the back design changed, from the original "generic E&W" back design, to Aviator, then Bicycle poker size, etc.   This set is one from the early 1980's when Emerson and West made a another run of the trick and were able to put it on (then very popular) Aviator card stock, instead of the "generic" back design of early E&W packets.  

Heralded by Jon Racherbaumer as one of the greatest packet tricks ever, the Color Monte is great magic, because a lot happens with only three examinable cards!      Two cards have red diamonds on the, and one has a blue diamond. The story goes about trying to follow the blue diamond and losing $7, as all diamonds become red, then all diamonds become blue. In a double or nothing bet of the $7, one card is shown as red, another as blue, and the last card turns out to be a picture of a puzzled gambler and a bill for $14!! 


Previously owned, but in great condition.       Although it is very common for the metallic printing on sets from this period to lose its lustre, this set  has only very minor wear on the metallic printing on the cards..   Obviously this set was carefully used, and carefully stored when not in use.  So the metallic printing is very full and free of wear.

The green "money" card is free of wear, but has a faint yellowish "aura" around the metallic printing.  Almost like the metallic green ink is spreading, but it is barely noticeable.     (I tried to show this in the close-up photo of the card face, but it may be easier to see in the main photo.)    Also on the reverse (back) of that card, the green ink seems to be showing through, again in a faint yellow-ing.  (You can see it in the close-up photo of the two card backs -- this is under bright flash)   For performing, the spectators would only notice this under very bright lighting.  But you will see the difference in the back of this card from the others.

The cards still handle like new, and may have never been used -- the money card yellowing does not seem to be a function of wear, but just how the metallic green printing has aged over time.   The vinyl sleeve, original vinyl wallet and Q-card instructions are in excellent condition also


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