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GANSON, Routined Manipulation COMPLETE (1976 reprints)

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THIS LISTING IS FOR all three volumes of Ganson's classic books.   It includes the combined volumes 1 and 2 (re-printed in one book, by D Robbins in 1976, and also the D.Robbins reprint of the "Finale" book (also from 1976)

LEWIS GANSON's ROUTINED MANIPULATION books are (in my opinion) must-haves for any serious magician's library.   I am not sure why these books are not more widely studied by the magic community -- perhaps the title word "manipulation" leads potential readers to believe the books contain only billiard ball and thimble routines or other classic "manipulative magic" that has (it seems) fallen out of style.   

But contained within these volumes is a collection of excellent card, coin, and close-up effects, along with handlings for classic stand-up effects like the egg bag, linking rings.  And yes, also chapters on billiard balls and thimbles as well.

In the combined volume 1 & volume 2 book, some of my favorite chapters are on Color Changing Knives, Koran's Card miracles, Ken Brooke's Cap and Pence routine, a great Dice routine, the chapter on the three shell game, and an interesting chapter on the Cups and Balls.

In the Finale Book, just a few of the stand-out items are Ken Brooke's handling of the Linking Rings, five items from Al Koran, Elmsley's All Backs routine, and a dvery detailed section on Sponge Balls.

See the photos of the tables of contents for a full idea of how much good stuff is crammed into these books.

Ganson is one of magical literature's great teachers, giving excellent detail in his handling descriptions-- plus a lot of photos, as well.  

VOLUMES 1 AND 2 (combined)     Over 240 pages, this 1976 combined D Robbins edition

FINALE VOLUME   254 pages, also the 1976 D.Robbins reprint.

CONDITION NOTES:   both books are previously owned, but in very good condition -- some corner and edge wear on the cover, but the books are still tight and clean, free of marks.  Dealer price sticker residue on the title pages.

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