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Pick Stick (1998) -- jumping toothpick w/ solid finish

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The classic jumping toothpick (in the holes of a paddle) has always been one of my favorite paddle tricks.  Since almost all paddle effects focus on changes to 2-dimensional images on the paddle, the idea of having a toothpick jump from hole to hole in the paddle always hit me as such a cool idea.    There have been many versions, notably the Joe Porper/Jeff Busby prop from the late 1980s which included a killer climax -- after the toothpick jumps from hole to hole, it is removed and the paddle is handed to the spectator, who finds the holes are sealed.  There are no holes, just black spots!   

Well in the late 1990's, Magic Makers made a compact version of the jumping toothpick, using a small (3 inch long) brass rod.   And like the great Porper version, the Pick Stick had a similar "sealed holes" climax.   The Magic Makers Pick Stick has become very hard to find over the last 20 years.   But....  yes, I found one for you, if you are the lucky buyer of this item!

Effect:  magi shows a small brass rod, which has three holes going through it.  a small piece of a toothpick is stuck through the center hole, and the stick is shown on both sides, so that the spectators can see it definitely goes through the rod and out the center hole's other side.   But in a wink, the stick jumps to the end hole.  Again, the rod is shown both sides, to show the stick emerging from the other side of the end hole.   Magi takes the stick out, and puts it in the center again.   Shows this clearly on both sides, and then instantly (without any cover) the stick jumps to the OTHER end hole.   A second small stick is placed in the center hole, and now the stick on the end jumps over the center stick and into the hole on the other end!     To finish, the sticks are removed, and the Pick Stick is handed to the spectator to put a stick in any hole.  When she tries, she finds the holes are sealed, they are just shallow black indentations in the Pick Stick.

It is a cute, memorable, visual piece of magic.  Although it does not "instantly" re-set, it can be quickly reset  as you move between tables or groups if doing strolling magic.

Full disclosure department:     at the end, although the Pick Stick is examinable, it is possible that the spectator will notice a discrepancy about the holes on one side compared to on the other.  But the spectator's focus is on the solidity of the holes at that point, and so nobody ever notices the discrepancy.  But I want you to know that you may want to limit examination time at the end, and move onto your next effect.

I unearthed this Pick Stick in a large lot of ex-dealer "new-old" inventory.  So it is new and unused, complete as issued, despite being about two decades old.

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