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Ring Casket -- early Magic Makers, circa 2002

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I love brass magic apparatus. It looks so great, and this piece is precision made, examinable, and will fool your audience!    The classic Ring Casket is along the lines of the Bill Tube effect, but the working is easier, and the casket itself is a little less odd looking than the Bill Tube -- in other words, the Bill Tube is obviously magic apparatus, but the Casket has a more innocent appearance of a small brass container or possibly a ring box.

This one is very nicely made, by Magic Makers in their early days when they were putting out some great brass items.   The Ring Casket method used for this version is far superior to many less expensive Ring Caskets -- I won't go into the methods here, but trust me...  This one can be thoroughly examined before it is opened, and after it is opened, and there's no way the spectator will find anything.  Less expensive methods use a simpler quick closure gimmick, and you do not want your spectator looking too closely at the lid.

The effect: a borrowed ring (or marked coin) is wrapped in a hanky, and given to the spectator to hold. The magician reaches into his pocket or case for a moment, then brings out a sealed brass box, which is placed on the table.    The ring is caused to vanish from the hanky, and when the spectator unscrews the lid of the box (which takes some time as there are a lot of threads!), the ring is found inside.    

Although not covered in the instructions, I have seen one magician cause a spectator's own business card to vanish and appear in the box.  Just about anything that fits in the box can be quickly put inside the closed box.   There is a second effect described in the instructions to cause a mini playing card to appear in the box -- you will need a mini deck to do that one, but I recommend doing it with someone's business card. 

 The box is easier to load and close than a Bill Tube, and the borrowed ring makes the effect more personal than the bill tube in my opinion.    Great close-up magic!   

This one was previously owned, but is in great condition.  There is a minor amount of dark patina inside the box.   The outside of the box is free from any corrosion or uneven discoloration.


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