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Psychic Disc Escape DELUXE (Mak, 2005) -- gold plated

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This effect was originated by Toshio Akunama, and first put out by Tricks Co Japan in the late 1980's.   And like many simple but effective tricks, it began to be manufacturered by lots of different makers.  So there are a number of versions out there.   

This set was put out by Mak Magic in about 2005, and it is the best looking version ever made of this trick.  The props are 24k gold plated!   No kidding, they really are.  So there is no worry of the brass losing its luster over time.   The container has beautiful faceted detail, which gives it a sparkle.   The cord on the "needle" is a soft fabric-like material, and has a decorative bead at the end.  A lot of attention to details went into this version, and it shows.

EFFECT:   the magi shows a special brass container that holds five different colored brass disks.   A color is selected by the spectator, and the five discs are put into the container. A Brass "needle" with cord attached is threaded through the container and the disks. But the spectator's chosen color magically falls free of the cord when the container is opened. The magi does not even know what color is selected until it falls free from the container -- no forces or tricky glimpses.

Oh yeah... at the end (or better yet, at the beginning) the props are fully examinable if you desire.

The packaging box has a formed insert to hold the props securely when stored, and (as you can see in the photo) at some point this insert got crushed, but otherwise the package is in very nice condition.   The props are new and unused.

The original Tricks Co version of this effect is now very hard to find, and pretty pricey when you do find it.  This set is also more expensive than the "Ordinary" versions of this trick from other manufacturers.   But if you want the absolute best, nicest version of Psychic Disc Escape, the extra cost is well worth it.

This item is new and unused, from "new-old" dealer inventory.  The damage to the package insert is the only "shop-wear" -- the props, outer package, and original instructions are like new.

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