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ANDREWS, 16 THUMB TIE GEMS (1st HOLDEN edition, 1960s)

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Originally published by Max Andrews in 1945, this classic book was later reprinted (in this edition) by Max Holden.  It was undated, but circa early 1960's or late 1950's.  For being as old as I am, the book is in incredibly good condition -- much better than I am  :-)    Aside from an unfortunate blot of price sticker residue inside the front cover, the book appears almost as-new.

Excellent information in this booklet, really giving up a LOT of secrets about the very effective (but now, little-seen) Thumb Tie effect.   I was just reading Carl Rosini's biography and his excellent show made the Thumb Tie a memorable feature.  As did Jay Marshall.  Learn this effect, practice it well, and you will have something extra special and different for your audiences.

Check out photo of the table of contents to get an idea of how much good stuff is here, and see the sample page shot for an idea of format and style.

previously owned but in very good condition -- clean and unmarked, without tears or bends.   All pages and cover are tight.  some price sticker residue inside the front cover

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