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Chinese Egg Bag (Joe Karson, 1970s, EZ Magic)

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Part of the fun of looking at a lot of vintage estate magic is that it brings back such memories.    I love finding a prop that I had when I was a young magician in the 1970s.  The Chinese Egg Bag is one such prop.   I loved this trick when I was a young performer.  My father was a PhD scientist, and I fooled him badly with it, and how he complimented me on how quickly I had mastered some deceptive "sleight of hand".   Since the Chinese Egg Bag requires none, that may have been the moment I realized just how magic worked -- that simplicity was always the best answer.  Let the spectator give you much more credit for what has happened.

The effect:  you show a thin bamboo mat (like a dining place mat), and fold it in half.  reach in, and you find an egg.  It's solid wood ("laid by a decoy" -- I used that joke back in the 1970s and it was old then.  Probably still in use today...).  The wooden egg is placed back in the folded mat, and one end is dropped.  The egg is gone.  The mat is shown on both sides.  Repeat if you wish.  Do the usual sucker egg bag bits with this one, just like a classic egg bag.

Does have a limitation that it cannot be done surrounded, but the flat nature of the bamboo mat makes it very puzzline when the egg vanishes.

Originated by Joe Karson, according to the instructions.    A great piece of vintage magic from the late 1960s or early 1970s.

Condition Notes:  previously owned, but in good condition.  Original Bamboo mat has a couple of "thin" spots when held to the light, but still is sturdy and operates as needed for performance. Ends of the bamboo mat have been re-inforced with some tape many years ago, but it does not look bad from an audience standpoint.  Looks organic to the prop.  Tried to show the tape in the last photo.    Original instructions and wooden Egg also included.

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