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Pocket Floating Lady -- conversation starter

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Nothing earth-shattering here, but a fun quickie to get some magical conversation started, or when someone asks about Las Vegas style illusions, etc.  I keep it handy in my shirt pocket, and wait for those questions...  which we all know come at us, far to often. 

You show a magical picture card (about 3 inches square).  The back of the card can be shown freely and depicts a bunch of people dancing or cheering -- sort of has a disco feel.   The other side of the card is shown, and it depicts a magician standing next to a table, upon which lies a woman.  In full view, the woman begins to rise upwards, floating off the table (in the 2-D picture).  She floats up and then back down.


  Unlike the Tenyo Floating Lady trick, from which this trick obviously drew its inspiration, this version cannot be examined.   For that reason, it is more of a gag or conversation starter than a magical effect.  After performing it, quickly put the card in your pocket and show another miracle.    

But it does provide some quick humor, and opportunity to talk about classic magic illusions, etc.

Easy to do.

   (Sorry about minimum shipping cost, but add this on with another item, it will add little or no extra postage.)

Brand new and unused, with instructions.

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