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Poker-size Card Stickers (Alan Wong) -- 52 cards

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Save: $4.00
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If you like to find interesting ways to reveal a selected card, you have a full deck of opportunity with this item from Alan Wong.    It is a deck of cards, printed on good-quality sticker paper.  One sticker for each card.  Plus a couple of "Backs" stickers, and also stickers with the Mnemonica stack.   (no instructions for that stack, but if you know it, you have handy sticker cribs that can be put on the back of a card box, or wherever)

Use these for predictions, or surprise revelations, where the selected card (well, a facsimile of it) turns up stuck in some unlikely place, like on the back of your assisting spectator.   Card on the back made super-easy!   Maybe card on the ceiling, without the wax or tacks!

The pip design of the cards is very similar to standard Bicycle -- not exact but will pass for lay audiences (except maybe the Ace of Spades design -- see photo).    The stickers cut easily and adhere easily to actual playing cards if you want to create split-faced gaffs.   (Again, pip design will not be exact, but very close)

This is just a fun item to get your creativity going.

New and unused.    No instructions were included with this item -- just use your imagination.

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