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Psycho-Match (vintage 1970s, Repro Magic, UK)

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I have been a fan of most Repro Magic since I first started buying tricks made by the company back in the 1970's.  They typically put out good quality closeup magic that used innovative methods and the instructions were always well detailed and described.

I had enever come across this Repro item, called Pyscho-Match.  It is a fairly simple prediction effect, building on ideas that UF Grant and Paul Curry used in other effects to predict a single card or two cards, but extending those ideas to do a five-out-of-five match of two sets of ESP symbol cards.

It looks like this:  you show two vinyl wallets.  The yellow wallet has five ESP cards (standard symbols, printed in RED), and the blue wallet has five ESP cards printed in BLACK.    The red symbols are placed faceup on the table and the Black symbols are mixed facedown by the magician.  The spectator then designates which facedown (bluebacked) black symbol cards is dealt onto each faceup Red symbol card.   When all five are paired, each pair is flipped over -- the black symbols in each pair match the red symbols exactly.  

The cards cannot be examined, but the handling is very clean and convincing -- just be ready to do something immediately afterward so you can put the gimmicked card sets away.

CONDITION NOTE:  previously owned -- complete with all props in excellent condition.  Original instruction sheets are also included

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