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Foxy Lady (vintage 1970s, Loftus) -- retro design

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If you came to this listing looking for vintage Jimi Hendrix recordings of Foxy Lady, well... sorry.    But if you came to look for a very cool vintage magic item of the same name, well... you are in luck!

This is a really nice example of this effect, which is rarely seen complete and undamaged.  The funky, retro packaging envelope has only the slightest but of rub/wear, otherwise it is unmarked and untorn.    The props include an oversized card depicting a row of five cards and a metal clip -- these are also in excellent undamaged condition.  Plus the original instruction sheet.
So if you collect vintage magic from the 1970's, you really want this one in your collection  :-)

The effect is simple, but still puzzling (at first) for spectators.  (They will figure it out if you repeat it more than a couple times.)    You show the row of cards depicted on the card, and point out that the Queen is in the middle.  Turn the card "facedown" and it depicts a row of card backs.   The spectator clips the card back that she thinks is the queen, and when card is turned faces up, she has chosen the wrong card!

The back designs shown on the reverse of the card also have a very cool retro look.  

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