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Every Inch a Lady (Tony Curtis) -- very hard to find

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Tony Curtis' had such a hit with his trick called A Night Out with the Girls, that it spawned a few variations.    There was one version that women could enjoy, with sexy men on the cards, and there was this more shocking version, with a BIG surprise ending.   It has become very hard to find now.  (It was re-issued briefly in the early 2000's by Hampton Ridge, but this is one of the original early sets put out by Curtis in the mid-1990's, I think)

The effect is a take-off on the original Night Out with the Girls, and if someone knows that effect, this one is particularly surprising.  But knowledge of the original is not essential for the audience to enjoy this one.  

NOTE:  this routine uses frontal nudity, unlike the original, the women on the cards are NOT in bikinis.  They are more or less naked.  So please use this effect appropriately, for the select audiences who will not be offended, and who will enjoy it.

A small packet of glamour photos is shown, featuring good looking women in their birthday suits (as they say!)   But one card features a less desirable woman -- much less desirable!    The cards are mixed and then given to a male spectator, facedown, so he can randomly choose his mystery date.  After he eliminates all but one card, using a very cute "she loves me, she loves me not" counting process, the magician turns up the cards he did not choose.  A-ha!  The ugly old woman is among them -- he must have chosen one of the hotties!   But when the card is turned up, it shows a VERY LARGE woman ("every inch a lady") who is also in her birthday suit, for better or for worse!

These cards are approx. the same size as poker-sized playing cards, and on laminated card stock.  They have heavy lamination so they are very durable.  Not a routine for every audience, but this is a good one to have in your table hopping arsenal for when you come up on a table full of rowdy young men.    

Previously owned, but apparently unused, complete with all original props and with instructions. 

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