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Latex (Nefesch)--signed coin pentrates balloon

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This is a very smart piece of magic -- there are quite a few moments during the routine that completely reinforce the impossibility of the effect, without the magician having to say a word.  The effect looks exactly like this:

Magician shows a half dollar (or you could use a quarter, but the larger coin is more effective -- could be borrowed, but who has a half dollar to borrow these days?).   To ensure that only one coin is used, the spectator marks her initials on the half dollar, and she holds onto it.  The magician never touches the coin after it is marked (that is until he magically pulls it out of the side of the balloon, but I'm getting ahead of myself...)   The magician shows a balloon, and stretches open the mouth of the balloon, so the spectator can stick the signed coin into the balloon.  (She sticks it in herself, no switches, etc).   Once it is inside the neck of the balloon, the magi cleanly and obviously works the coin downward through the latex until it falls into the main part of the balloon.  He then inflates the balloon, and ties a knot to seal it.   The balloon is shaken, and the coin can be heard to be inside.   (The coin is inside -- the magicians hands are empty except for the inflated balloon).   The magician tilts the balloon to get the coin to the very bottom, wher he grabs it through the balloon, and begins to pull.  He removes his hand, and the coin can be seen to be coming out, apparently right through the wall of the balloon.   He continues to pull on the coin and it visibly comes out, and the balloon is intact.  The coin is immediately handed to the spectator to verify her mark -- it is the same coin she put inside the balloon, and in fact, it is the same coin that she just saw coming through the balloon.  (Yes, you could do this if you were stuck on a dessert island with nothing but balloons and a single coin!  Because only one coin is used.)    

There is a follow up bonus effect, in which you pop the balloon, and then very cleanly restore it, blowing it up again, and then handing it to the spectator for examination.    The bonus effect is necessary to perform, to end clean, but it is also a good trick, so you get two-for-one when you perform Latex.   :-)

Okay, so are there drawbacks to this effect, because it sounds too good to be true, doesn't it?    Not too many.   You need to use high quality balloons (that cost about $25 per 100 when I found them on the internet), so it costs about fifty cents per performance.    And the DVD only comes with 3 balloons to get you going.  So you will need to spend some cash to get balloons once you try this out with the meager supply of balloons that come with it.

Otherwise, not really much in the way of drawbacks.  It is a strong piece of magic -- the balloon inflates, so obviously it is solid, and yet the coin comes through it.  The coin is marked, your hands are empty...  if you have the coin marked on both sides, the spectator will be guaranteed to see her mark on the coin, as it comes through the balloon.  

Brand new with DVD instructions.      

Highly recommended, with the caveat that you will have to spend some more money on balloons.

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