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Pocket Lie Detector -- GERTI quarter, plus my killer routine

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I am surprised that Romanos' GERTI coin is not more popular.  It is a fabulous carry-with-you, do-it-anytime prop for some impressive close-up mental magic.   

But I suppose I am not surprised, because let's face it:  GERTI is a really weird name for this prop.  And if that didn't keep you from buying it, when you watched the DVD, it did not teach you anything very impressive to do with the Gerti gimmick.   So most magicians did not buy it, and those who did probably put it in the "magic junk drawer", not perceiving its potential due to the inadequate instruction effort of the DVD.

A few years after they put out GERTI, Magic Tao put it out again, as "GERTI Re-born".   "Re-born" meant that instead of a DVD with inadequate instruction, you got a code to watch a 45 minute online instruction.  This online video was a lot longer than the DVD, but not much better in terms of teaching you a good Gerti routine.

BUT...   I think you should buy a GERTI, and you should use it.    Like I do, almost every time I am asked to do something on the spur of the moment.  

So I wrote up my killer three-phase routine, and will provide it with the original GERTI coin.   (You also get the original DVD, which you can watch, but you will quickly see you are better off just learning my handling!)

The effect as taught in my 3-phase routine:

PHASE ONE  -- You take out a couple of quarters from your change, and get the assistance of two spectators.  A spectator initials either quarter and you initial the other one.  You turn away, and each spectator picks up one of the coins, hiding it in his fist.   While you are still turned away, the spectators choose which one will always lie and which will always tell the truth.   So you do not know who holds which coin, or who is truthful and who is not.

 Now you turn back to the two spectators, ask a single Yes or No question.  (They can decide who answers -- it may be the liar, or it may be the truth-teller.)  After hearing the one word answer, (yes or no), you instantly know who holds which coin, due to your infallible lie-detection abilities.

PHASE TWO -- You turn away again, and one spectator places either coin in your hand (which remains behind your back in your fist).  He also hides the other coin in his own fist.   You turn back to him, and ask him to answer the same Yes/No question two times (about which coin he holds) -- he answers once with "yes" and once with "no".  One answer is true, one is a lie -- and you instantly know which was the lie, and tell him which coin each of you holds.   

Not to leave out spectator number two, you immediately repeat this phase, and again, you successfully identify the lie and the location of the coin.

PHASE THREE -- the final phase involves all three of you holding fists, either empty or with one coin or the other, and the spectators answering one question, either lying or telling the truth.  And yet, despite all these variables, you impossibly tell them, who is lying, who is telling the truth, and who holds each coin and who has the empty fist.

That's it.  Killer.  People really believe you can tell their lies from truths.  It is a great lead-in to other mental magic that demos the "unknown power and potential of the human mind", etc etc etc 

You will be able to do this routine anytime you have your GERTI, another quarter (which could be borrowed), and a sharpie or wet erase marker. 

Brand new, with my exclusive routine (only available here).   You get one GERTI (U.S. Quarter), original Magic Tao DVD instructions, and my printed routine.  No sharpie or pen included -- use your own.


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