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Perfect Open Prediction (Boris Wild) -- very clean version

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Ever since I read Ed Marlo's myriad handlings of Paul Curry's Open Prediction effect in Jon Racherbaumer's Hierophant, I have been intrigued by this card plot.  (Along with many, many other magicians).   Although some magicians worry that the plot includes too much dealing of cards, and that it inherently illogical, Paul Curry understood that certain illogical aspects of a magic routine can actually add to the power and suspense.  (His classic Out of This World is a good example of this).   So I would encourage any magi who has not tried the Open Prediction effect on a lay audience, give it a try.  You will see what Curry was on to when he envisioned this effect.

Boris Wild has (correctly) identified some of the problems/drawbacks with many solutions to the Open Prediction method.  And he has created a version that is very faithful to the original problem as posed by Curry.

Perfect Open Prediction (POP) looks like this:

Magician takes a prediction card from a blue deck, and puts the prediction FACEUP on the table -- it is the 8C.   Now he shows a red deck of cards and shows the spectator how she can deal this facedown deck onto the table. turning each card faceup into a pile as she deals.  After the magi deals a few cards faceup to show her what she should do, the facedown deck is handed to the spectator who continues to deal cards faceup one at a time into the pile.   At any point (no force, no influence), she is to deal one card facedown (still unseen), instead of turning it faceup.   She does this, placing the card facedown onto the faceup pile.   The magician asks her to continue turning the rest of the deck faceup one card at a time -- this is done until the entire deck has been dealt.  Throughout this process, the 8C is never seen.   The pile of cards is immediately picked up and spread facedown revealing one faceup card in the middle -- the card reversed by the spectator is the 8C!

The handling is fair and clean, with really no moves at all.   This allows you to concentrate on the presentation -- the build up as the spectator gets deeper and deeper into the deck, and the 8C remains unseen among the cards turned faceup by the spectator.    Opportunity to play with the suspicions of the audience as well, that perhaps there was no 8C in the deck at all -- but this suspicion is quickly and effectively dispelled as the reversed card is cleanly seen to be the predicted 8C,

Predicted card need not be the same every time.     Necessary gimmicks supplied to use with your own deck  (no deck included)

Opened for review, but otherwise complete and unused,  with gimmicks and DVD  instructions

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