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Thoughts Across (David Solomon) -- killer card transpo

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This is a GREAT version of the classic "cards across" plot, because of its ultra-clean handling and also because the two cards that vanish from one packet and re-appear in the other were never touched by the spectators -- they are merely thought-of.  

It looks exactly like this:  A spectator counts 20 cards facedown onto the table.   The rest of the deck is placed aside.  The magician does not touch the deck, and his hands are clearly empty (since only the 20 cards counted by the spectator are used!)   The magician then counts ten (of the twenty cards) onto the table, and asks one spectator to cover those cards with his hands.   Next, the magi spreads out the remaining 10 cards faceup on the table, and asks one spectator to think of any of the red cards, and another spectator to think of a black card (so they will be guaranteed to not think of the same card).    The faceup 10-card spread is gathered up and turned facedown in a pile on the table.   A couple magical gestures and the magi claims the two thought-of cards have passed from one packet to the other.  A spectator counts the packet facedown on the table, and finds only eight cards.   The other spectator lifts his hands and counts the first packet he has been guarding.  Twelve cards!    The magician has both spectators name their thought-of cards, letting everyone know what the cards were.   The eight-card packet is spread faceup and each remaining card is seen -- the two named cards are gone.   The other spectator now looks through the 12-card packet he has been holding the entire time -- he finds both of mentally chosen cards!

The beauty of this routine is the very clean and apparently "hands-free" aspect -- the magician never goes near the "destination packet" once it is given to the spectator for safe-keeping.    The routine is relatively sleight-free.   Solomon teaches one bold but easy Marlo move that makes the effect very strong -- however, this one move can be avoided if you want a truly sleight-free routine, and Solomon shows you that approach also.

Also, Solomon teaches two bonus transposition effects that you can do any time, with any deck, when you do not happen to have the diaboloically clever gaffs used for the Thoughts Across routine.


Well taught by Solomon with the DVD that's included, which also features a very cute spectator, who reacts appropriately to the miraculous routine.  Should sell for much more.    Get this!

Brand new, with all necessary gimmicks (to use with you own red Bicycle Rider deck) and DVD instruction.    (no deck of cards included)

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