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Mystique Color Changing Deck (Dave Loosely)

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I have always been a fan of the Color Changing Deck effect -- for lay audiences it is a jaw-dropper.   (And despite Ed Marlo's infallible wisdom on most card magic questions, I disagree with his advice that the cards should change both color and DESIGN at the climax -- in my experience, lay audiences view the different back design as evidence that the deck was somehow switched for another;  but if the same back design changes color, they tend to wonder how the SAME deck somehow transformed itself.  So I was happy to see the gimmicks supplied with this version of the Color Changing deck do not include a design change.  The deck simply changes from blue backed Riders to red backed Riders.  And that is more amazing for lay audiences!  But I digress...)

In this routine, a card is selected, and can be signed if you wish, from a red backed deck.  A small packet f cards is set aside on the table, and the selection is inserted into the remainder of the deck.   With a wave of your hand over the deck, the backs visibly change to blue, and the deck is immediately spread to show all blue backs, except for one red card.   The card is turned faceup, and it is the selection.  And now the spectators notice that the small pile of cards removed earlier have also changed from Red to blue backs.  To end, the card card changes from red to blue as well!

To cause the very impressive and visual color change of the deck, the routine uses a move that you will have to practice to get the right "knack".   But it is not really hard to do -- you just won't get it without a number of practice tries.   But once you do have the feel for it, it will become a favorite move of yours.  (Loosley and Peter Nardi do spend a fair amount of time on the DVD offering alternate handlings, but c'mon...  practice the best move, and you will eventually get it.)

The color changing card box climax of the routine is a good applause cue, and worth taking the trouble to make the necessary gimmicked card box.  Yes, that is right -- they do not provide you with the gimmicked card box.  It is not hard to make, but you will need to do it yourself, because Alakazam couldn't be bothered to have some custom gimmicked boxes made.    Loosely adequately explains how to make the box, but if you register this product with Alakazam, you can access a more detailed explanation video on making the box.

Bicycle gimmicks supplied to use with your red or blue Rider backed deck  (no deck or card box included)

Opened for review, but otherwise complete and unused

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