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Brainwave for Dummies (Bob Solari) -- different approach

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You will puzzle your fellow magicians with this version of the Brainwave deck, and of course you will also fool non-magicians.   It has some strong advantages over the classic method brainwave, but also some disadvantages.    The effect is much easier to do, but the handling is a bit more contrived in that the spectator chooses a card without looking, rather than just naming a card.

It looks like this:    A folded paper prediction is handed to a spectator to hold.     You show a deck of blue backed cards, spread it out so that everyone can see that all the cards are facedown.   The deck is handed to a spectator behind her back or under the table, and out of sight, she is asked to cut the deck as much as she wants, and then turn the top card faceup on the facedown deck.  Then she cuts the deck a few more times and brings it into view facedown.   The deck is spread on the table, and one card is faceup -- the 3 of spades.   The prediction is read aloud -- "you will pick a red card, the 3 of spades"    Well, it's a three of spades, but what is that stuff about a red card?   The faceup three is turned facedown and it has a red back.

Although magicians may balk at the "under the table" stuff, they really  shouldn't -- to a lay person, the deck being out of sight makes sense to hide the final climax of a single red back card.  Also the completely "Magician hands-off" nature of the routine makes it very strong for non-magicians

Includes the necessary gimmicked deck (which can be and is handled by the spectator, so they do not suspect anything tricky).  Also printed instructions.

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