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Magic of Mark Leveridge (all three DVDs, L&L 2005)

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In 2005, L&L. put out some DVDs by British magician, Mark Leveridge.  (I had been a fan of Leveridge before these DVDs came out, as I knew him from some of his published "Master Routines", and his excellent video on doing Children's Magic).     In usual L&L fashion, they released a three-DVD set, and it cemented my opinion that Leveridge was a smart and practical guy who consistently put out smart and practical magic.

I am not sure why Leveridge is not better known, though it may be that his performance personality is kind of goofy -- slightly manic and corny.  The L&L audience seems to eat it up, so I guess it works for him.  But I suspect many magicians find it hard to take Leveridge seriously (?)    

They should.     The magic in these DVDs is excellent, and a number of the items will fool even well-read and experienced magicians.   

His "Invisible Deck" routine (which uses the invisible deck presentational premise, but does not use the standard prop) is one of those effects.   In short, the spectator chooses an invisible card from an invisible deck, and he puts it into a (visible) envelope.  Spectator signs his name on the envelope flap, and it is placed on the table.   When the envelope is opened, there is a visible (real) card inside -- it is the same one the spectator chose when it was invisible!   It is a killer effect, and will drop jaws of both lay people and magicians.

Of course, there are other very strong items -- a lot of them.   The three DVDs are divided into MONEY MAGIC, ENVELOPE MAGIC, and GENERAL MAGIC.    

MONEY MAGIC includes (among other things)  a very strong barehanded coin vanish, a good version of the Tosheroon (coin in deck) effect, and Okito box routine and Coins Across.  Leveridge's coin work is well-thought out, and (in my opinion) underrated.  You will learn some "workers" on this DVD, even if you are not usually a coin worker.

ENVELOPE MAGIC (seemed a weird category for a DVD to me, too.  But ends up being quite good!) has the Invisible card in envelope described above, a few prediction type routines, a neat transposition with credit cards, and other stuff you will like.

GENERAL MAGIC has a very good prediction of a spectator's vacation destination and flight plan, some very practical Business card tricks (that will make you want to go print your biz cards on playing card stock), a very clean penetration of a pencil through a credit card, a version of the Card Diary effect, and a killer effect where you take a ring off your finger while the spectator holds the end of that finger!    Plus others.

I highly recommend this 3-DVD set, even if it cost a lot more.  But I got a few sets at a great price so, get all three DVDs for the price of a single DVD.

CONDITION NOTES:  new and unopened.   Genuine L&L DVDs..

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