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Dragon Breath (Platt Magic) -- Altoids change flavor

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The effect is very quick, clean and visual.   You show a small tin that is full of Wintergreen Altoid mints.  You can hand one to a spectator and ask her to taste it.  It taste like cool wintergreen peppermint of course.   You take one for yourself and pop it in your mouth, close the tin, and set it on the table.   You ask the spectator to imagine that the flavor of the candy is changing, to hot Cinnamon flavor.  She probably will say she cannot really taste the change.  (She may say that she can, which will add further amazement to what is to come.)   You then reach up to your own mouth with obviously empty hand, and remove a red cinnamon Altoid from your mouth.   "That's funny, because mine definitely changed!"    Then to cap the routine, you cleanly pick up the closed tine of Altoids, and breath your "hot cinnamon dragon breath" on it -- then have her open the tin to find it is now full of red Cinnamon Altoids.  Let her take one out, so she too can finally taste the cinnamon she was imagining.

This routine is nicely constructed, with simple props that are handled in a very natural manner throughout.   It comes with all the Altoids you need, necessary Altoid tin and gimmicks.  You may have another common magicians utility gimmick that you can use during the performance, but if not, you do get everything you need to perform this strong close-up effect.

For those who worry about having to secretly switch one Altoid tin for another while the spectators' eyes burn your hands....   worry not!  Only one Altoid tin is used, and it never leave the view of the audience.   

To be clear, this effect uses what are known as "Altoid Smalls"  -- the tin is about 2 inches wide, with small mints.   Not the larger standard size Altoids.   For close-up, this small size is perfect -- still very visible, but not so bulky in your pocket.

Comes with DVD instructions.  Although the DVD crudely shot from a production standpoint, it does adequately teach how to correctly perform this effect and also gives some extra ideas for changing the Altoids into other kinds of candy.   And when you start to play with this prop, you will no doubt come up with many other routines.

Brand new and unused, with DVD instructions.    Normally sells for $40-$50, but I got a closeout deal on a few of these, so you can get it here for A LOT less.  (These are authentic PLATT Magic product -- not inferior knockoffs!)

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