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Incredi-BULL (Eric Buss) --photo to beverage can

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I think a lot of magicians will not be interested in this one.  The method seems obvious, and so they will worry that the audience will "figure it out".   But the effect is very surprising, and whether you play it for a "gag" (not really worrying about whether the audience figures it out), or if you play it as a very fast bit of visual magic, I think you will find your audience enjoys it!

The effect as supplied:  you show a photograph (about 5 inches x 5.5 inches) of a bed.   You explain that you have been so tired lately, that your bed has become the most important thing in your life.  However, you want to be at the top of your game for the show, so you have been drinking energy drinks.  Instantly the photo turns into an energy drink can, which looks  like a very familiar brand (but actually is called Bed Bull, not R*d Bull)    

The gimmicked photo allows for the instant transformation, though you will need to practice to get the knack of doing it smoothly.  But that is true of all good magic, right?   

A cool part about this:  the DVD comes with a bunch of other jpg files, so you can adapt the trick to other effects:   change a photo of french fries into a salt shaker (which can pour out some salt!).   Change a photo of a public restroom into an empty toilet paper roll with only one square left (isn't that always the way  in those public restrooms).    Change a photo of a lightbulb into a lit candle (really burning!)

I like the idea of having a spectator choose an item from a bunch of different groceries.  They choose an energy drink.  You show your prediction, and it is a photo of a UPC code.  "That's the code for the Energy drink!"   After the groan, the photo changes into a can of Bed Bull, showing your prediction was correct.    (This routine is a good example of how the audience will still get some amazement for the correct prediction, even if they figure out how the photo changes to the Bed Bull can)

A couple of caveats:  you will need to work with the prop for a while to get it to work correctly -- not you getting the knack, but the prop actually getting into the flex and shape it needs.  (Buss calls this "training the prop").   But after your gimmick is "trained" you will find it works nicely.    The other complaint/caveat I have is that you only get one "Incredi-Bull gimmick", so if you want to make the prop for a different routine that the Bed to Bed Bull, you need to destroy that prop and then create the alternate routine prop (using the gimmick and other photos you print out).  Would have been nice for Buss to provide a couple extra gimmicks.   (He does sell them on his website, but I also think you can find suitable material for the gimmick at a large hardware store.)

'Nuff said about this one.   It normally sells for $35 which I think is too much.  I happened to get a few at a great price, so you can get it here for less.    This is original and authentic Eric Buss product, not a cheap knock off.

Brand new and unused, with DVD instructions.

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