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Princess Aces -- TMGS exclusive

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I came across this packet effect, which used a gimmicked card to transform a royal straight poker hand into four aces.   But the effect was both too simple/short, and (when presented per the manufacturers instructions) not very deceptive.    However, the cards can be used for a Princess-style card routine, where the magi divines which of five cards is thought-of by the spectator -- plus, you get a kicker ending where the other cards all change to Aces.   Much better!    

So I created and write up a new handling to use these cards, and Princess Aces was born.   You can only get it here at TMGS.

Effect:    magician shows a vinyl wallet (included, and it has a nice embossed design on it) that contains five cards.   He takes out the cards, spreads them out facedown, then turns them faceup to show five different values -- 10S, JH, QS, KH and AC  (a royal straight, for the poker players out there).  The spectator is allowed to think of any one of the card (no force), and after she does, the magi turns the packet facedown again, gives the cards a bit of a mix, and takes one out, placing it into his pocket unseen.  The other four cards are handed to the spectator to hold facedown.  She now names her thought-of card and the magi says "I knew it!"  He takes the card from his pocket, showing it to be the one she thought of.   "No one ever thinks of the other cards, because Aces seem to obvious!"   She looks at the four cards she holds, and they have changed into the four Aces.

Another humorous handling using your himber or Zfold wallet is also described.

You get necessary gimmicked cards to use with your own red-backed Bicycle poker deck.   And the neat looking vinyl wallet.  And of course, the exclusive TMGS instructions.  (You also get the original manufacturer's instructions, but you will use the TMGS routine!)

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