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Antique-style Card Box -- fits full poker deck

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This nicely made wooden card box has a somewhat antique look about it.   What I like best about it:  it can hold an entire deck of cards, so it becomes a "normal" and "ordinary" item which you use to hold your precious deck of cards.  And yet, like its thinner plastic and metal cousins, this card box can also switch out a card (or small group of cards) for another.    Most magicians are familiar with the flap-style card box, and so I will explain a bit about this one, assuming that you know the workings of the flap-style card box.

This box is called a "double change" card box by the manufacturer, because it comes with two flaps, not just one.  The boxc is wood, and the flaps are metal, but the flat inside paint on the box and that on the flaps is an excellent match, so the box is quite deceptive.  It is not a "locking" flap card box, and so I find it a bit hard to work routines using both flaps at the same time.  That said, however, if you use it for typical one flap routines, you will get more than your money's worth from this nice looking box.    But with a little practice, you can also do a couple of neat double change routine as described in the TMGS instructions supplement we provide.    (The instructions provided by the manufacturer are very basic and I think this prop deserves better instructions, so I prepared an extra supplement with routines and tips to help you get the most out of this prop.)

Here is my favorite routine with the box:   

After bringing out the box, and taking my cards from it, I have a card selected and then torn into six pieces.  The pieces are laid flat into the card box, and one corner is given to the spectator to hold.  The box is closed, and when re-opened, the pieces have magically restored themselves.  Except for the missing corner, which fits, of course.  

But I also like this "repeat clairvoyance" routine:   the card box is shown, and the deck of cards removed from it.  Spectator shuffles the deck and chooses any card, which is placed unseen into the card box.  After the card box is closed, the magi/mentalist tries to "see" what the card is, using his clairvoyant powers.  He writes down something and folds it, then the box is opened and the chosen card is removed and placed with the folded paper.   Another card is chosen and placed into the box, again unseen.  Again the magician divines the value and writes it on a piece of paper.  The box is opened and the second chosen card is placed on the second paper.   When both cards are turned over and the papers opened, they are both exactly correct.

Other effects, including spirit writing, card changes and vanishes, and a routine with currency are also described in the special TMGS supplemental instructions. 

This is a nice wooden box, with hidden metal hinges and magnetic snap-closure.  (Again, the flap gimmicks in this box are NOT magnetic/locking, but this gives the box additional versatility in creating routines.)  

Brand new, with extra TMGS instruction sheet.  (DECK SHOWN IN PHOTOS IS NOT INCLUDED)

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