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Sucker Sliding Die Box (Golden) -- 4-door

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Online Price

Save: $25.00
TMGS Price:

Qty: 1   

IMPORTANT NOTE:   this die box has some minor SCRATCH MARKS on the top that occurred suringpacking or shipping, I guess.  See the closeup photo that show the marks.    So sad that someone did put one more layer of padding...  but it is still a great die box, and your audience will never see the scratches on the top lid, so you can get a great deal on it! 

A favorite of magicians for at least a century (I am guessing here, not sure when it really was invented...), it is odd that we do not see this classic effect performed more often!     Sure, it doesn't really look like anything you would find outside of a magician's house, but it is nonetheless a great looking prop, and the "sucker" plot-line has immediate audience appeal.   The "sucker" element is so "obvious" and makes the performer look so silly, that the audience usually knows from the start that they are having their legs pulled, which I think lets them enjoy the magic that much more! 

The effect:  a handheld cabinet (about 9" by 4.5") is shown, and from inside, a large die is removed and put into a hat on the table (use your own hat, or a box or small screen -- anything to hide the die).    The cabinet has side by side doors on the front.   "I can make the die fly visibly back into the box" claims the magician, and suiting actions to words, he visibly picks the die up from the hat and puts it back in the box. "Not a good trick, but I can also cause the die to invisibly fly from the box!"    The die is seen through one of the open front doors, which is closed, and the box tilted sharply.     A sliding noise is heard, and the door is opened again to show the die is gone.   Of course, the audience knows it has slid to the other side. To open the other door, the magi closes the first door, tilts the box back (again, the sliding noise) and opens the second door. This goes on as long as good comedy timing will allow, finally both doors are open, plus doors on top, and the box is definitely empty. The die is removed from the hat! 

The sliding sound on this box is great, not a cheap little weight sliding that sounds way too small to be the big die.   The entire gimmick slides back and forth inside the box, so it truly sounds like the large die is moving back and forth.    The color of the box is described as "gold" but I would call it golden brown.

Because of the scratch marks on the lid, I am offering this at a really great price.   So don't pay $80-$90 elsewhere.  Pay less with TMGS

 Buy this!

  Brand new, but IT HAS SOME FAINT SCRATCH MARKS ON THE TOP  :-(    The other top door has some dull areas also where the finish seems "off" -- these did not show up very well in the photo.  Again, the audience will never notice either of these imperfections.


USA addresses --  Depending on your zip code, shipping can be anywhere between $10 (West coast) and $25 (Eastern states)     If postage to your zip code calculates at over $16, choose flat rate shipping option, which should be around $16.

Non-USA addresses --  Sorry for high postage on this 3+ pound package, but at least I got you a great starting price on it.    The item is just over 3 pounds, and so US postal requires postage for up to 4 pounds -- so if ordering for a non-USA address, know that you could add about 12 more ounces of magic with no extra postage.  (12 ounces is a bit more than 1/3 kilo).  If you want to make a combined purchase shipment, message me with the items and I will confirm they can fit in the package under 4 pound limit. 

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