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Just Chance Triple Color Match -- nice looking props

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When I use my own set of these, I do a fairly simple triple color matching routine.  But the props are versatile and can be used for a number of effects -- many suggested ideas come with the instructions, and of course, you will think up your own.

Here is the simple routine I use a lot:    You show three lightweight cardboard "envelopes" that have glassine windows on one side, and a big colorful spot on the other.   One envelope has a red spot on the back, one yellow, and one  has a green spot.     The interior of the envelope also has a matching color-stripe background, so it is very clear which envelope is which color (looking at it from either side).   You also have three cardboard "cards", each with a large spot -- matching colors to those on the envelopes.   The back of the cards, however, are blank, so when the cards are turned facedown, and mixed, you would not know which color is where.    You show that the cards will fit into the envelopes, and the card spots are visible through the window.    Now take out the cards and turn them spot-side downward.  Mix them up and have the spectator try to send which card has the red spot.  She does, and you slide it unseen into the red-spotted envelope.    Now she tries for the yellow spot, and this one is slid into the envelope with the yellow spot.   The final card is slid unseen into the green spot envelope.   The finish comes when the envelopes are turned window side up, and it is seen that all three colors match perfectly.

The "cards" are also actually open at one end, so are also envelopes.   This allows for some additional opportunities -- for example, you could have three business cards, and write red, yellow and green on the cards.    Now before matching spot cards to the spot envelopes, you could first have someone try to match the business cards to the spot cards without looking.  As they choose, the business card is slid inside the spot card.  Then the spot card is slid inside one of the spot envelopes.  After all are matched, it is seen that the spectator was able to match everything perfectly.    

Or a hundred dollar bill, a fifty dollar bill, and a one dollar bill are each placed into one of the spot cards (without looking at which bill goes into which color spot card).  The spot cards are mixed, then the spectator tries to match the spot card colors to the envelope colors.   When she successfully matches the colors, she gets to choose any one of the colors to get the bill inside "as a prize".   She freely chooses her color, and gets to keep... the one dollar bill.     (Or if you are cheap, use a blank piece of paper that says "Congratulations!")

These props are not as complicated as I just made them sound.   They are actually very simple and easy to use.  But full of possibilities.

 Card and envelopes are about 7.5 inches long, by 3.5 inches wide.  So good for living room and small club shows.   Could be used close-up, but I think better for your stand-up shows.

Brand new with instructions

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