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Chosen Card Locator Paddle -- silly, but fun and magical

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Who loves paddle tricks?  I do, I do!!!   Why do I (and most magicians) love paddle magic?  Let me count the ways:   
1.  the paddle move was maybe the first secret sleight that I mastered
2.  it is a highly deceptive method, despite its simplicity.
3.  it is versatile -- paddle magic can take many forms and contexts

Well, here's a context for a paddle trick that is not new -- paddles have been finding chosen cards for decades.  But this is very nicely made paddle, and so I like it a lot.  It looks great, and has a built in "your card" joke along with a true card revelation.

Have spectator pick a card -- she chooses... oh, lets just say it's the Queen of Hearts, because it will be.   You mention that you have a special prediction inscribed on a small portable display sign.  You call attention to the handle of the paddle sticking out of your breast pocket.   "Would that amaze you if your card was inscribed on my portable card revelation sign".    She says, why, yes!   You remove the paddle from your pocket and show that it says (literally) "Your Card".   Before your audience turns and walks away, you stop them, saying, "No, your card is on the other side!"   They lean in, and watch as you turn the small paddle over to show the words "Your Card" are also on that side.   "Fool you once, shame on me.  Fool you twice, shame on you!"    But before your audience can get too mad, you ask your spectator to give you one more chance, that this time, you "will do real magic".  Ask her to pick either side of the paddle, as you show her the words "Your Card" on either side.  After she has decided on one side, you place the paddle onto her hand, and ask her to close her hand.  "The side you chose will actually turn into your card.  I mean it."  She opens her hand, and yes, now it is the Queen of Hearts.   She can examine the paddle.  Then pop it back in your breast pocket and it's ready for your next performance.

Or if you prefer, make her card appear on both sides -- but you'll have to skip the examination at the end.

A nice prop, one that you will use.   (Photo shows TWO of them, so you see both sides.  You only get one paddle.  And use any deck of cards, as no card deck is included either.)
Brand new with instructions.

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