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In Your Wallet (Jeff Prace) -- anytime credit card magic

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Jeff Prace is a clever young magician, and I find that his products are nicely made and generally very practical -- most of them made for casual (apparently impromptu) performances.  In Your Wallet is specifically made for these off-the-cuff, do-a-trick situations.  It is a set of gimmicked credit cards that you can carry "in your wallet", and take out for a quick "impromptu" demonstration of your magical abilities.

The main effect with the credit card prop also uses a deck of cards, so not so impromptu looking, but hey, we magicians always have a deck in our pocket.   After the spectator reads off the long number of your credit card, she chooses a playing card from your deck.   When she looks at the credit card again, the long number has changed into the name of her card.

But the gimmicked credit card has a number of fun and magical features built-in.  My favorite is this one:   after spectators do a little math with some randomly selected numbers, they get a 4-digit total.  Then a spectator uses her phone to call the number on the back of the credit card, and one of those computer robot voices tells her the remaining balance on the credit card -- it is exactly the same as the 4-digit number.    (Unlike many special phone number tricks, this number is still in service and still does what it is supposed to!)

The card also contains a couple of popular psychological forces (the 37 force and the triangle/circle force).  It has a second card reveal (for the Queen of Hearts) but I find this one is printed way too small and faintly for my old eyes to see without squinting.  Besides, it is not as strong a reveal as the embossed Two of Diamonds.

Along with the credit card magic, Prace includes two other non-credit card tricks that you can also carry in your wallet.  I was pleased to see he adapted a 50 year old idea from one of UF Grant's Mental Magic books, and he came up with a neat update called Ethan's List.  From an plastic accordion-fold photo holder (like people sometimes have in their wallets), the spectator chooses a photo from among the many photos there.  After a little voodoo bad mojo cursing, the chosen photo ends up burnt!    The other bonus effect has the magi pulling a chewing gum bubble off a photo, and ending up with real gum in his mouth.     (You don;t get the props for these ones, but they are made up with ordinary items from the stationary store and prints from your computer.)

The credit card set looks good.  Fairly realistic looking during performance, and will pass as "real" during casual handling by the spectator.

Brand new with DVD instructions.

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