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Detour de Force (John Bannon) --dual surprise prediction

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John Bannon thinks through every aspect of his routines.  Like any good creator, he looks at the effect's impact on the psychology of the spectator as well as the mechanics of the method.  In Detour de Force, he plays upon the assumptions of the spectators to really nail them with a double prediction that seems so fair, so impossible...   In fact, for a minute, the spectators think it didn't work right.  But the surprise comes when both predictions are exactly correct.

Magi/mentalist shows a deck of cards that are printed on the faces (as any deck would be), but are also boldly marked on the back. Two predictions are set aside.   One spectator deals cards faceup on the table to stop anywhere she wants, and sets aside the card -- lets say it's the Q of Hearts.   Very fair.  No way the magician can influence her choice because she sees the faces of every card as she deals.  He explains that "less fair magicians" have the spectator pick a card with the cards facedown.  He hands the deck to a second spectator, and asks her to deal the cards facedown -- but because they are marked boldly on the backs, she cans still see different card values as she deals.  She stops anywhere and deals a card aside.  Let's say the back is marked as the 8 of Clubs.    Now the magi opens the predictions -- uh oh!  the predictions are the 2 of Diamonds and the 10 of Spades.  It looks like things went badly for the magi, until he explains that the backs of the cards are marked, but not correctly.  he shows a few examples from the deck -- the 6 of Hearts is marked as the 3 of spades, etc etc etc.    The spectators can now see where this is going and sure enough -- the first spectator's card is turned facedown to show the mark on the back is the 2 of Diamonds, matching one prediction.  The second spectator's card is turned faceup to show it is the 10 of Spades -- matching the other prediction!

Spectators really have a free choice of where to stop as they deal, so the process is super-fair.   And the "oops" then recovery at the end of the trick makes it very memorable.

Hoyle poker size deck, specially printed.  Once you know this, you could make it up in most deck back designs with a small amount of investment.   But the deck is obviously "special" so spectators do not question a different deck coming out in the middle of your set.  So why bother?

Opened only for inspection and photo.  Otherwise, new and unused. 

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