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SPILL, The Spill Bar and Grille (1980, 1st ed, AUTOGRAPHED)

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THE SPILL BAR AND GRILLE by Steve Spill  (paper staple bound, mint condition, Paul Diamond publisher) 1980, 1st edition.   79 pages    Book # 5 in the Paul Diamond "Gems of Magic Series"

What's a good way to know if a magic booklet from 1980 is still worth reading almost 40 years later?  Well, if the author (Steve Spill) is still a successful professional magician 40 years later, then it is probably a good indication that his approach and thinking about magic was (and still is) sound and practical.    Steve Spill still runs the highly successful magic theatre, Magic-opolis, in Los Angeles, and performs there regularly when not away on other independent gigs.    So looking at his magical thinking and creations from 1980 is a good bet after all these years.

Add to this, the fact that Steve's father (Sandy Spillman, longtime board member at the Magic Castle) contributes a number of interesting items to the book.  So that's an added bonus.

Spills thinking is often on the wacky side, sometimes only slightly wacky (like doing a matrix effect with Jumbo coins), and sometimes very wacky (like producing a "bouncing baby bunny" and literally bouncing the creature off the floor, or doing a paddle routine with Sugar Daddy candy suckers, or a card stab style routine with fresh fruit instead of cards... see? Very wacky)

But his thinking is also practical and downright un-wacky when dealing with some classic plots, like Bill in Lemon, Everywhere and Nowhere, three shell game, etc.   Even when in un-whacked mode, Spill puts imaginative and creative touches on these routines as well.

Look at the Table of Contents and consider just how many ideas and routines are packed into this 79 page book.  Spill literally... spilled (sprry, couldn't resist) all his best ideas.

Current books and manuscripts from Steve Spill are extremely exclusive (that means expensive!) because he wants to keep great professional material out of the hands of the merely curious.   But get a taste of his creativity for a reasonable price, with this booklet of vintage Spill.    You will find some fun items to learn, and also be inspired to enhance and adjust other magic you are already doing already.

This book is previously owned, boldly autographed by Steve Spill "to Ken" on the cover (photo is not the autographed book).  But otherwise in new (mint) condition, tight and unmarked.

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