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Lit Match Producer -- (vintage, 1990s, Sam Dalal) -- metal

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This item is from the early 1990's or late 1980's, put out by Sam Dalal's Magic Service.   It is a simple device which will hold a match hidden from view in under your coat where the magi can pluck out the match LIT.  The magi reaches into his coat, and  removes a flaming match.

It is not earth-shattering magic, but it does create a brief moment of fun and puzzlement for the audience when you need a lit match.  Also saves you the "timing distraction" of taking out a book of matches, pulling out a match and lighting it in front of the audience.   How much better for the flow of your routine that you simply reach into your coat and have the lit match you need.

I came across a few of these, and although the item is a few decades old, it is new and unused.  Instructions are a photocopy, but the prop is original vintage item.

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