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Bead-Wildered (Ron Frost, 1980s, Tannens)

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From Tannen's circa early 1980's, comes this Ron Frost creation.   
The effect:   magi shows a small envelope, and tilts it, spilling out six plastic beads, in six different colors.  The beads are then dropped into a larger envelope, which is sealed and placed in full view.   Then the magi dumps out the rest of the contents from the small envelope -- it is about a dozen beads of various colors.   He asks the spectator is she remembers what color beads were put in the large envelope.   He helps her pick out six beads that match the different colors in the large envelope.  She then chooses just one of those colors, and when she opens the large envelope, the six beads inside are all the same color, matching the one she chose.

Ron Frost created many effects using items he found at his local hobby/craft store, and this is one of them.   It is a bit contrived, but does have some neat elements.   For a collector of 1980's close up, or a performer who wants something different from the other magicians, Bead Wildered is a good bet.

previously owned, but in very good condition, with original props and instructions.  the envelope has some bends at the bottom, but works fine, or could also be easily replaced with a similar envelope.   Some price sticker residue on the instruction sheet  

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