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Svengali Deck - Bicycle Poker

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My first foray into the world of card magic was with Marshall Brodien's TV magic cards, back in the early 1970's. 

Well, the Svengali deck is the same thing, and I still use one.  If you switch in this gimmicked deck after a few regular deck tricks, you will flabbergast the audience.   And because it is a familiar Bicycle poker-size deck, you can switch it right back out again at the end.

The effects are limited only by your imagination, but here are a few ideas: an easy ambitious card routine, where the selected card constantly comes to the top of the deck; an ESP miracle where a spectator tells you when to stop dealing cards, and the very card they stop on is the selected card;  the classic routine where the entire deck changes to the selected card...

You cannot have more fun with 52 cards than with a Svengali deck, especially if you are a beginner, but experienced magicians can also have a blast with this deck...if they are honest enough to admit they still use one!

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Svengali deck Economy model
Deck of cards is shown all different, and one is selected. Then the deck turns into all the same card -- the selected one, of course. Many effects possible with the Svengali deck. This inexpensive bridge size deck is great for beginners. Easy to do.
Original Price: $3.95
Save: $2.96

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Stripper Deck and Video VHS -- Bicycle Poker
The Stripper deck is not very popular with magicians, I think because they believe that laymen are too familiar with the secret principle. But you can fool a lot of people, including other magicians, with well-performed Stripper deck routines. This deck is Bicycle poker-sized , and allows you to lose the aces in the deck, and cut to them one at a time; to shuffle the cards faceup and facedown together, and magically cause them to all face the same way; to have a selected card shuffled into the deck, put the deck into your coat pocket, and bring out the selected card without looking... I am just thinking these up as I type!  There are myriad uses for this versatile deck, and it comes with a VHS video that will get you going on thinking up your own routines too!
Original Price: $14.95
Save: $4.96
TMGS Price:

Qty: 1   

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