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Water Crystal--TENYO T-270 -- new improved Slide Vision

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Save: $5.00
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Qty: 1   

Back in the late 1970's, Tricks Co Ltd (Japan) put out a trick called Slide Vision, in which an image of a playing card appeared on a small round "lens"  -- it was highly visual, as the card simply seemed to appear from nowhere, without any cover, and then disappear just as quickly.   Original Tricks Co "Slide Vision"s are hard to find now, but the trick has been copied and re-made by many over the years.  (Some of the recent versions are well made, and others, not so well made).

Tenyo's Water Crystal, released in 2017, uses the neat optical principle of Slide Vision, and combines it with optical and physical properties of water, to heighten the appearance of the card.  The Water Crystal prop is also larger, making the effect more suitable for a larger close-up show audience, and not just for 1-2 spectators.

The effect:  the spectator chooses a card, and you introduce a small plastic bowl -- I refer to it as my cat's water dish, explaining that my cat is also a magician.   Pour a little water in the dish, and ask the spectator to gaze into the water, as you gently swirl the water in the dish.   Gradually a playing card image appears in the water -- it matches her selected card.   Swirl the water some more, and the card slowly vanishes.     Pour the water out of the bowl, and set it on the table -- the audience can see there is no card image in the bowl.

The props also come with three different card faces to choose from -- (only one can be revealed in any performance, but you could change the card for another show later).  It also comes with a few "blank" message gimmicks, onto which you can write any message you wish.  ("Happy Birthday", "Congratulations", "Send Money", etc)

A good and worthy improvement of the classic Tricks Co. Slide Vision effect, as we would expect from a thoughtful and innovative company like Tenyo.

The  Suggested retail is $26, which the effect is well-worth, but a few online retailers have been selling it for less, so I will, too.

Comes with package and instructions  in Japanese --  English instruction sheets are available on a free download, but I will included a printed set in English for you, and save you the trouble)

Brand new and unused, sealed in original package


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