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Optome-Twist -- multi-climax twisting effect

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I came across this set of cards for a packet effect, but without instructions, so I created a neat handling for them.  I also created a punny name, "Optome-twist"     That is how Bugs Bunny and Barbara Walters say "optometrist".   :-)

The routine starts like a classic Twisting or Touch Turn effect -- four Kings are shown face-up, and one at a time, they magically turn facedown in the packet.  After each King has had its turn (another pun... sorry!), the backs of the Kings change from blue to Rainbow.  The King of clubs is dealt faceup on the table, and the other three Kings are turned facedown to show their backs are no longer rainbow, or blue, but instead two have Eyes printed on them and the other has a pair of glasses.  The King of Clubs is turned facedown to show his back is now an Eye Chart from your local Optometwist... er, I mean Optometrist.

These cards include a Bicycle Rider back, but they are not printed by the US Playing Card Co.  The card quality is a bit stiffer than USPCC stock, but they handle well for the necessary counts and sleights in the routine.

(For some reason, when the two Eyes appear on the back of the cards, one eye is green and one eye is brown.  I guess the manufacturer wanted to bring as much color and variation into the climax as possible.  Just letting you know, as I don;t want you to buy this and then ask why the eyes are different colors. )

Comes with all cards needed and my exclusive TMGS instructions.

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