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Oversized Brainwave deck -- about 4x6 inches

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An amazing deck of gimmicked cards that allows you to do a miracle – yet is EASY TO DO.   This effect was Dai Vernon's take on an idea by Joe Berg and R.W Hull.   It has always been one of the most popular close-up card effects for working magicians, but it is so strong that it deserves a place in your stand-up act as well.

But even poker sized cards are difficult to see from 6-7 feet away.   So here is an oversized deck that is perfect for your smaller stage club shows or those living room performances.     (poker sized deck in the photo is not included -- just there to show scale and size of this Brainwave deck)    The cards are not as big as standard "jumbo" cards -- they are just a little smaller than 4 inches by 6 inches.  But this size is excellent for standup handling. 

(I have tried to use the full size standard Jumbo card decks for standup versions of the Brainwave effect -- they are very hard to handle.  This slightly smaller sized jumbo deck minimizes this handling difficulty considerably!)

You show an oversized deck of cards in the box, explaining that you have made a prediction before you left your home. You ask the spectator to name any card. You carefully remove the deck and show one face up card in the deck, and it matches the card freely named by the spectator.   To prove that you did not somehow reverse the card (using clever sleight of hand) after hearing its name, you let the spectator pull out the faceup card and look at its back.  It is a different color from the rest of the deck.  

No forcing – it’s an absolutely free choice. The gimmicked deck does 99% of the work.   

Nice box design on this one, where the box does not clearly depict the color of the card backs, which is sometimes a disconnect in performing this trick.  (you will understand that after you know how the trick works).
Cards are made in Italy and handle nicely.

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