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Lefty Deck (Bicycle Rider, Red, HOPC) --reverse pip cards

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Like 90% of the people in the world, I am right-handed.  But for some reason, when I started learning card magic, I was holding the deck in the "wrong" hand, and well... it stuck.  So I do all my card magic "left handed", and so I can really relate to how difficult it is to transpose hand positions on the fly when trying to learn a new trick from a book written from a right-handed POV.

Well, this deck won't help Lefties with that problem, but it does show all the indices when you do a standard fan with the left hand -- no more blank fans when you are not trying to do a reverse blank fan!

But for right handed magicians, this Lefty deck also has some neat applications.   Since the cards are "mirror image", you can do some surprising color changes where the index pips seem to jump to their opposite corners.  Or the Joker decides to turn his bike around and ride the other way.   

The deck also comes with a single blank face card, which I guess is printed backwards for Lefties also, but it is blank, so you don't notice   :-)

No instructions with this deck, but if you like to play around with oddly printed cards (and know how strong a reaction an oddly printed card gets from most lay audiences), then the Lefty deck is a good addition to your close-up card magic arsenal.

NOTE:  the Lefty deck was originally issued by USPCC, and included a mirror image Ace of Spades -- not just reversed for Lefties, but actually backwards printed.  However, when USPCC sold the printing rights to House of Playing Cards (HOPC), newer editions of the deck do NOT include the backwards, mirror image Ace of Spades.

This is a HOPC edition of the deck.    So no mirror image Ace of Spades, just a left-handed Ace of Spades.

Red backed Bicycle poker, with classic style red card case, except the case says Lefty Deck in the banner under the large Spade pip.   Brand new and sealed.

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