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TROST, Wild Deuce -- 1970s packet prediction

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Here is an original issue of Nick Trost's Wild Deuce, a card prediction with a kicker.   You show a paper clipped packet of cards -- two jokers with one card in between.  "I took these cards from another deck, because clipped between the jokers is a prediction of the very same card you are about to choose!   So of course, I had to take it from another deck."    (That is the patter logic that I use to explain why the prediction packet consists of three bridge-size Aviator backs, and I am performing with a Bicycle poker size deck.)

Your regular deck (not included) is shuffled and dealt into four piles by the spectator, and then she chooses ANY pile (no force).  The top card is turned faceup.  Let's say it is the two of Diamonds.   The prediction packet is unclipped and spread to show the 2 of diamonds between the two jokers.   "Some people think I cheat:  that I have a two on top of all four packets.  Well... I do."   You turn over the top cards of the other three packets and they are the two of clubs, hearts, and spades.  An extra kicker after a very clean prediction.

Things to note:    no equivoque is used.   Only one prediction card between the two jokers, and it is not switched.    Use the prediction packet with any regular deck.   

This set was found in storage, and (as issued by Trost's Trik-Kards Company), the cards were clipped with a paper clip inside the instructions package.   So the cards have a slight warp/bend where the paper clip has been pressing on them for 4 decades.  There is also some rust mark from the paper clip, but none of this effects the performance or impact.  (I would just tell the audience the truth -- that you "found this packet of three cards clipped together for about 40 years with a letter from your grandfather saying it was a prediction of the future."     Okay, maybe that last part isn't true, but it sounds good, huh?)

Fox lake bridge size cards, but this works well when you perform with a poker size deck -- no possible way to switch the prediction as the cards are even a different size.

Condition notes:  as mentioned, cards have slight paper clip "dent" and some minor rust mark where paper clip was attached.   Instruction sheet has some tape and large price sticker residue patch on the front (see photo).

 This is one of Nick Trost's most overlooked gems, in my opinion.   Very hard to find now, as it did not get included when many of the other more popular Trost items were re-issued about 10 years ago.    Collector alert!


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