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Matchbox (gimmick with DVD)-- JB Magic

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This one seems to be an amalgamation of many interesting ideas, so it reminds me of a lot of great magic tricks all rolled into one.   It has a bit of Martin Lewis' Cardiographic moving picture because you draw a matchbox, and then the drawer on the drawing opens.   It has a bit of John Kennedy's Mystery Box, because the signed selected card ends up folded inside a box -- but this box is only a drawing of a box.   Yet the actual card seems to come out of the drawing.

It looks like this:  a card is selected, signed and shuffled back into the deck.   The magi then draws something on the face of one of the cards -- it appears to be a small box.  "It's a matchbox.  Because I just performed the classic magical illusion that is called the Card in the Matchbox.  See, your signed card is inside the box!  Amazing, I know."   Before the spectators walk away, you continue, "Watch, I'll show you -- but I need to open the box".   You shake the card, and suddenly the drawer on the drawn box is opened, and inside is a folded card!    Then the folded card is pulled out of the drawer, leaving a picture of an opened matchbox.  The folded card is handed to the spectator who unfolds it and finds it to be her signed card.

This one does take some practice to get the handling smooth, and to do the necessary card fold.   But if you do not already do the card fold sleight, you will be well-served to learn it for this effect and many others.   If you practice with an old deck of cards, you will be able to do it before you fold all 52.

Blue backed Bicycle gimmicks supplied.    

Brand new with DVD instructions.

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