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Impromptu Card Stab (1950s, Tom Osborne)

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This is a simple, no-gimmick method for finding a selected card via the famous "card stab" effect.

Card is chosen, and mixed into the deck.  The deck is wrapped in paper, and then a knife is thrust through the paper into the edge of the deck.  The paper is ripped away, and the deck falls to the ground, but one card is impaled on the knife.  The selected card of course.

No manufacturer identification on this one, except for a small pair of initials on the art work, T.O. for Tom Osborne.     This trick is meant to be impromptu, and so includes no gimmicks, just instructions.    Just mentioning that for those who are hoping for some amazing gimmick.  The method is one that you may already know, as it has proven to be string and practical, and stood the test of time.

Offered here for performers who want a good impromptu card reveal that laymen will talk about later, and also to collectors of vintage magic.

previously owned, in average condition condition, complete with original package envelope and  instruction sheet.  Envelope is slit open across top and one side.

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