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Gamblers Wildest Dream (Reed McClintock)

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Some tricks are really hard to improve upon.  

Peter Kane's Find the Ace led led to Garcia's Wild Card routine, and also led to Kane's own variant called Gypsy Curse.   Many magicians have made "improvements" to the general plot of these classics.   None come close (in my opinion) to the impact or clarity of these two original versions.   Magician's Wildest dream is yet another variation which adds one instance of demonstrating the "Invisible Palm" in the middle of a wild card effect.   

You show six 10H and one Jack of Spades.   Place three 10H's facedown on the table, and then show how you invisibly palm a card, and add it to the three cards on the table.  You place your empty hand on the tabled cards, and magically they become four -- the invisibly palmed card is now visible. To firther imporess the spectators, you show how gamblers switch cards, and show the 10H's have all turned into Jack of Spades.  You cleanly count seven Jacks.   Drawing attention to the packet wallet, the spectator picks it up and finds the six 10H's inside.   And for the final magical moment, she discovers that you now have only one JS in your hand, so you are right back where you started.

Magician's Wildest Dream has some nice moments, and good ideas.  Not sure I would replace Gypsy Curse with this in my performance set, but if you are looking for a gambling trick with strong magical moments, this may fit the bill.

 New and unused, -- opened for review and photos only. 

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